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I/O Map

Expansion Region 1

  1F000000h 80000h Expansion Region (default 512 Kbytes, max 8 MBytes)
  1F000000h 100h   Expansion ROM Header (IDs and Entrypoints)


  1F800000h 400h Scratchpad (1K Fast RAM) (Data Cache mapped to fixed address)

Memory Control 1

  1F801000h 4    Expansion 1 Base Address (usually 1F000000h)
  1F801004h 4    Expansion 2 Base Address (usually 1F802000h)
  1F801008h 4    Expansion 1 Delay/Size (usually 0013243Fh; 512Kbytes 8bit-bus)
  1F80100Ch 4    Expansion 3 Delay/Size (usually 00003022h; 1 byte)
  1F801010h 4    BIOS ROM    Delay/Size (usually 0013243Fh; 512Kbytes 8bit-bus)
  1F801014h 4    SPU_DELAY   Delay/Size (usually 200931E1h)
  1F801018h 4    CDROM_DELAY Delay/Size (usually 00020843h or 00020943h)
  1F80101Ch 4    Expansion 2 Delay/Size (usually 00070777h; 128-bytes 8bit-bus)
  1F801020h 4    COM_DELAY / COMMON_DELAY (00031125h or 0000132Ch or 00001325h)

Peripheral I/O Ports

  1F801040h 1/4  JOY_DATA Joypad/Memory Card Data (R/W)
  1F801044h 4    JOY_STAT Joypad/Memory Card Status (R)
  1F801048h 2    JOY_MODE Joypad/Memory Card Mode (R/W)
  1F80104Ah 2    JOY_CTRL Joypad/Memory Card Control (R/W)
  1F80104Eh 2    JOY_BAUD Joypad/Memory Card Baudrate (R/W)
  1F801050h 1/4  SIO_DATA Serial Port Data (R/W)
  1F801054h 4    SIO_STAT Serial Port Status (R)
  1F801058h 2    SIO_MODE Serial Port Mode (R/W)
  1F80105Ah 2    SIO_CTRL Serial Port Control (R/W)
  1F80105Ch 2    SIO_MISC Serial Port Internal Register (R/W)
  1F80105Eh 2    SIO_BAUD Serial Port Baudrate (R/W)

Memory Control 2

  1F801060h 4/2  RAM_SIZE (usually 00000B88h; 2MB RAM mirrored in first 8MB)

Interrupt Control

  1F801070h 2    I_STAT - Interrupt status register
  1F801074h 2    I_MASK - Interrupt mask register

DMA Registers

  1F80108xh      DMA0 channel 0 - MDECin
  1F80109xh      DMA1 channel 1 - MDECout
  1F8010Axh      DMA2 channel 2 - GPU (lists + image data)
  1F8010Bxh      DMA3 channel 3 - CDROM
  1F8010Cxh      DMA4 channel 4 - SPU
  1F8010Dxh      DMA5 channel 5 - PIO (Expansion Port)
  1F8010Exh      DMA6 channel 6 - OTC (reverse clear OT) (GPU related)
  1F8010F0h      DPCR - DMA Control register
  1F8010F4h      DICR - DMA Interrupt register
  1F8010F8h      unknown
  1F8010FCh      unknown

Timers (aka Root counters)

  1F80110xh      Timer 0 Dotclock
  1F80111xh      Timer 1 Horizontal Retrace
  1F80112xh      Timer 2 1/8 system clock

CDROM Registers (Address.Read/Write.Index)

  1F801800h.x.x   1   CD Index/Status Register (Bit0-1 R/W, Bit2-7 Read Only)
  1F801801h.R.x   1   CD Response Fifo (R) (usually with Index1)
  1F801802h.R.x   1/2 CD Data Fifo - 8bit/16bit (R) (usually with Index0..1)
  1F801803h.R.0   1   CD Interrupt Enable Register (R)
  1F801803h.R.1   1   CD Interrupt Flag Register (R/W)
  1F801803h.R.2   1   CD Interrupt Enable Register (R) (Mirror)
  1F801803h.R.3   1   CD Interrupt Flag Register (R/W) (Mirror)
  1F801801h.W.0   1   CD Command Register (W)
  1F801802h.W.0   1   CD Parameter Fifo (W)
  1F801803h.W.0   1   CD Request Register (W)
  1F801801h.W.1   1   Unknown/unused
  1F801802h.W.1   1   CD Interrupt Enable Register (W)
  1F801803h.W.1   1   CD Interrupt Flag Register (R/W)
  1F801801h.W.2   1   Unknown/unused
  1F801802h.W.2   1   CD Audio Volume for Left-CD-Out to Left-SPU-Input (W)
  1F801803h.W.2   1   CD Audio Volume for Left-CD-Out to Right-SPU-Input (W)
  1F801801h.W.3   1   CD Audio Volume for Right-CD-Out to Right-SPU-Input (W)
  1F801802h.W.3   1   CD Audio Volume for Right-CD-Out to Left-SPU-Input (W)
  1F801803h.W.3   1   CD Audio Volume Apply Changes (by writing bit5=1)

GPU Registers

  1F801810h.Write 4   GP0 Send GP0 Commands/Packets (Rendering and VRAM Access)
  1F801814h.Write 4   GP1 Send GP1 Commands (Display Control)
  1F801810h.Read  4   GPUREAD Read responses to GP0(C0h) and GP1(10h) commands
  1F801814h.Read  4   GPUSTAT Read GPU Status Register

MDEC Registers

  1F801820h.Write 4   MDEC Command/Parameter Register (W)
  1F801820h.Read  4   MDEC Data/Response Register (R)
  1F801824h.Write 4   MDEC Control/Reset Register (W)
  1F801824h.Read  4   MDEC Status Register (R)

SPU Voice 0..23 Registers

  1F801C00h+N*10h 4   Voice 0..23 Volume Left/Right
  1F801C04h+N*10h 2   Voice 0..23 ADPCM Sample Rate
  1F801C06h+N*10h 2   Voice 0..23 ADPCM Start Address
  1F801C08h+N*10h 4   Voice 0..23 ADSR Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release
  1F801C0Ch+N*10h 2   Voice 0..23 ADSR Current Volume
  1F801C0Eh+N*10h 2   Voice 0..23 ADPCM Repeat Address

SPU Control Registers

  1F801D80h 4  Main Volume Left/Right
  1F801D84h 4  Reverb Output Volume Left/Right
  1F801D88h 4  Voice 0..23 Key ON (Start Attack/Decay/Sustain) (W)
  1F801D8Ch 4  Voice 0..23 Key OFF (Start Release) (W)
  1F801D90h 4  Voice 0..23 Channel FM (pitch lfo) mode (R/W)
  1F801D94h 4  Voice 0..23 Channel Noise mode (R/W)
  1F801D98h 4  Voice 0..23 Channel Reverb mode (R/W)
  1F801D9Ch 4  Voice 0..23 Channel ON/OFF (status) (R)
  1F801DA0h 2  Unknown? (R) or (W)
  1F801DA2h 2  Sound RAM Reverb Work Area Start Address
  1F801DA4h 2  Sound RAM IRQ Address
  1F801DA6h 2  Sound RAM Data Transfer Address
  1F801DA8h 2  Sound RAM Data Transfer Fifo
  1F801DAAh 2  SPU Control Register (SPUCNT)
  1F801DACh 2  Sound RAM Data Transfer Control
  1F801DAEh 2  SPU Status Register (SPUSTAT) (R)
  1F801DB0h 4  CD Volume Left/Right
  1F801DB4h 4  Extern Volume Left/Right
  1F801DB8h 4  Current Main Volume Left/Right
  1F801DBCh 4  Unknown? (R/W)

SPU Reverb Configuration Area

  1F801DC0h 2  dAPF1  Reverb APF Offset 1
  1F801DC2h 2  dAPF2  Reverb APF Offset 2
  1F801DC4h 2  vIIR   Reverb Reflection Volume 1
  1F801DC6h 2  vCOMB1 Reverb Comb Volume 1
  1F801DC8h 2  vCOMB2 Reverb Comb Volume 2
  1F801DCAh 2  vCOMB3 Reverb Comb Volume 3
  1F801DCCh 2  vCOMB4 Reverb Comb Volume 4
  1F801DCEh 2  vWALL  Reverb Reflection Volume 2
  1F801DD0h 2  vAPF1  Reverb APF Volume 1
  1F801DD2h 2  vAPF2  Reverb APF Volume 2
  1F801DD4h 4  mSAME  Reverb Same Side Reflection Address 1 Left/Right
  1F801DD8h 4  mCOMB1 Reverb Comb Address 1 Left/Right
  1F801DDCh 4  mCOMB2 Reverb Comb Address 2 Left/Right
  1F801DE0h 4  dSAME  Reverb Same Side Reflection Address 2 Left/Right
  1F801DE4h 4  mDIFF  Reverb Different Side Reflection Address 1 Left/Right
  1F801DE8h 4  mCOMB3 Reverb Comb Address 3 Left/Right
  1F801DECh 4  mCOMB4 Reverb Comb Address 4 Left/Right
  1F801DF0h 4  dDIFF  Reverb Different Side Reflection Address 2 Left/Right
  1F801DF4h 4  mAPF1  Reverb APF Address 1 Left/Right
  1F801DF8h 4  mAPF2  Reverb APF Address 2 Left/Right
  1F801DFCh 4  vIN    Reverb Input Volume Left/Right

SPU Internal Registers

  1F801E00h+N*04h  4 Voice 0..23 Current Volume Left/Right
  1F801E60h      20h Unknown? (R/W)
  1F801E80h     180h Unknown? (Read: FFh-filled) (Unused or Write only?)

Expansion Region 2 (default 128 bytes, max 8 KBytes)

  1F802000h      80h Expansion Region (8bit data bus, crashes on 16bit access?)

Expansion Region 2 - Dual Serial Port (for TTY Debug Terminal)

  1F802020h/1st    DUART Mode Register 1.A (R/W)
  1F802020h/2nd    DUART Mode Register 2.A (R/W)
  1F802021h/Read   DUART Status Register A (R)
  1F802021h/Write  DUART Clock Select Register A (W)
  1F802022h/Read   DUART Toggle Baud Rate Generator Test Mode (Read=Strobe)
  1F802022h/Write  DUART Command Register A (W)
  1F802023h/Read   DUART Rx Holding Register A (FIFO) (R)
  1F802023h/Write  DUART Tx Holding Register A (W)
  1F802024h/Read   DUART Input Port Change Register (R)
  1F802024h/Write  DUART Aux. Control Register (W)
  1F802025h/Read   DUART Interrupt Status Register (R)
  1F802025h/Write  DUART Interrupt Mask Register (W)
  1F802026h/Read   DUART Counter/Timer Current Value, Upper/Bit15-8 (R)
  1F802026h/Write  DUART Counter/Timer Reload Value,  Upper/Bit15-8 (W)
  1F802027h/Read   DUART Counter/Timer Current Value, Lower/Bit7-0 (R)
  1F802027h/Write  DUART Counter/Timer Reload Value,  Lower/Bit7-0 (W)
  1F802028h/1st    DUART Mode Register 1.B (R/W)
  1F802028h/2nd    DUART Mode Register 2.B (R/W)
  1F802029h/Read   DUART Status Register B (R)
  1F802029h/Write  DUART Clock Select Register B (W)
  1F80202Ah/Read   DUART Toggle 1X/16X Test Mode (Read=Strobe)
  1F80202Ah/Write  DUART Command Register B (W)
  1F80202Bh/Read   DUART Rx Holding Register B (FIFO) (R)
  1F80202Bh/Write  DUART Tx Holding Register B (W)
  1F80202Ch/None   DUART Reserved Register (neither R nor W)
  1F80202Dh/Read   DUART Input Port (R)
  1F80202Dh/Write  DUART Output Port Configuration Register (W)
  1F80202Eh/Read   DUART Start Counter Command (Read=Strobe)
  1F80202Eh/Write  DUART Set Output Port Bits Command (Set means Out=LOW)
  1F80202Fh/Read   DUART Stop Counter Command (Read=Strobe)
  1F80202Fh/Write  DUART Reset Output Port Bits Command (Reset means Out=HIGH)

Expansion Region 2 - Int/Dip/Post

  1F802000h 1 DTL-H2000: ATCONS STAT (R)
  1F802002h 1 DTL-H2000: ATCONS DATA (R and W)
  1F802004h 2 DTL-H2000: Whatever 16bit data ?
  1F802030h 1/4 DTL-H2000: Secondary IRQ10 Flags
  1F802032h 1 DTL-H2000: Whatever IRQ Control ?
  1F802040h 1 DTL-H2000: Bootmode "Dip switches" (R)
  1F802041h 1 PSX: POST (external 7 segment display, indicate BIOS boot status)
  1F802042h 1 DTL-H2000: POST/LED (similar to POST) (other addr, 2-digit wide)
  1F802070h 1 PS2: POST2 (similar to POST, but PS2 BIOS uses this address)

Expansion Region 2 - Nocash Emulation Expansion

  1F802060h Emu-Expansion ID1 "E" (R)
  1F802061h Emu-Expansion ID2 "X" (R)
  1F802062h Emu-Expansion ID3 "P" (R)
  1F802063h Emu-Expansion Version (01h) (R)
  1F802064h Emu-Expansion Enable1 "O" (R/W)
  1F802065h Emu-Expansion Enable2 "N" (R/W)
  1F802066h Emu-Expansion Halt (R)
  1F802067h Emu-Expansion Turbo Mode Flags (R/W)

Expansion Region 2 - PCSX-Redux Emulation Expansion

  1F802080h 4 Redux-Expansion ID "PCSX" (R)
  1F802080h 1 Redux-Expansion Console putchar (W)
  1F802081h 1 Redux-Expansion Debug break (W)
  1F802082h 1 Redux-Expansion Exit code (W)
  1F802084h 4 Redux-Expansion Notification message pointer (W)

Expansion Region 3 (default 1 byte, max 2 MBytes)

  1FA00000h - Not used by BIOS or any PSX games
  1FA00000h - POST3 (similar to POST, but PS2 BIOS uses this address)

BIOS Region (default 512 Kbytes, max 4 MBytes)

  1FC00000h 80000h   BIOS ROM (512Kbytes) (Reset Entrypoint at BFC00000h)

Memory Control 3 (Cache Control)

  FFFE0130h 4        Cache Control

Coprocessor Registers

  COP0 System Control Coprocessor           - 32 registers (not all used)
  COP1 N/A
  COP2 Geometry Transformation Engine (GTE) - 64 registers (most are used)
  COP3 N/A